Vinyl Floor Renovation for a Dental Practice - Saffron Walden

The client was keen on bringing their vinyl floor back to life and even they were considering changing their floor completely but due to possible negative impact to the business and moving around all the machinery and cost, we were able to convince them to give us and to their vinyl floor a chance!

As the first step, we stripped the floor and cleared the old, damaged seal with our specialised new generation machinery, pads, and solutions. Then we neutralised the floor, following that process it was ready to be protected. The next step was applying the prime and first coat of seal with the waiting time of 4-5 hours between them.

Finally, after we left it overnight, we returned for the last coat of seal, which made the vinyl flooring look better than brand new!

What our client said:

"What a transformation! You've achieved such a fantastic result even we can not believe this is our old vinyl floor. Thank you so much."


Saffron Walden