Sport Hall – Vinyl Floor renovation in Bishop's Stortford

As you can imagine, in a school environment, there is a constant use of all floors and very heavy traffic on it. The client asked us to restore their floor so that they can clean and maintain the floor easily as there was no protection left.

As the first step, we stripped the floor and cleared the old, damaged seal with our specialized new generation machinery, pads, and solutions. Also, with this process, we were able to get rid of all the scratches. Then we neutralised the floor, following that process it was ready to be protected.

The next step was applying the prime and first coat of seal with the waiting time of 4-5 hours between them. Finally, after we leave it overnight, we returned for the last coat of seal and we completed the job. What our client said: Thank you very much for your hard work, all the staff are impressed with the result. Our sports hall looks great and beautiful again!